Political Views

Fiscal Responsibility

The current City Council and Administration have faced very tough decisions regarding finances in the past year. Today’s economy tells us that tough decisions will need to be continued and with a background in finance I believe that I can contribute much to keeping the City’s fiscal responsibilities in line. A conservative fiscal plan however does not mean that the citizens of our community need to fear that the City will not continue to provide services of an outstanding quality.

Preserving Our History

Palmer’s history is rich and deserves all of the attention it has received in the past. I am a lifetime member of the Palmer Museum of History and Art and a member of the Sister City Committee, both entities charged with preserving our history. I strongly feel that even with the wonderful efforts to date in this area, that everything possible to enhance the preservation of the City’s heritage should be pursued.


The City of Palmer’s roots lie in its history that is entwined with agricultural. I believe that the City of Palmer must work hand- in- hand with those who continue that heritage today and that preservation of our agricultural heritage is a high priority for farmlands in and outside of the Palmer City limits.


I believe we need to focus on creating an atmosphere that will foster the creation of jobs in the Palmer area with an emphasis on professional and skilled workers who will bring their brand of diversity to our community along with more disposal income that can be injected into the local economy.

Our Seniors and Youth

The gold and silver threads in the tapestry of the great lifestyle of Palmer, our Seniors and Youth need to be represented and their needs addressed by the City Council. I am more than willing to listen to their concerns and bring them to the City’s agenda for consideration.